Christine Bolaños

Christine Bolaños

Independent journalist

Christine Bolaños covers human interest, social & criminal justice, education & business issues for international, national & local outlets. IWMF Fellow-El Salvador. NAHJ Austin VP-Print. Bilingual.

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NPR Latino USA

Women's Rights Advocates in El Salvador Outraged Over 'Legitimized' Rape-Marriage

Marriage between minors and their abusers could be legitimized in El Salvador after judges ruled in favor of a legal union between a 12-year-old and her 34-year-old rapist in July.

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NPR Latino USA

Immigrant Rights Activists Arrested After Sit-in at Texas State Capitol

Fifteen immigration rights activists, including four Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients, were arrested Wednesday morning after blocking traffic at the intersection of Congress Avenue and 15th Street, just outside the Texas State Capitol.

Sb4 article
NPR Latino USA

Amid Lawsuits, Texans Brace for New Era of Immigration Laws - Latino USA

The day after Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a controversial immigration bill into law during an unprecedented Facebook live event Sunday evening, both supporters and opponents of Senate Bill 4 (SB4) have already begun to take the battle to the courts.

Imam 1 article
NPR Latino USA

At Houston's Spanish-Speaking Mosque, Latino Imam Reflects on How He Got There

Growing up in a neighborhood where gang violence and crime prevailed, Isa Parada could have ended in prison or dead. Instead he chose to convert to Islam, a decision that tested his family bonds and forever changed his life. Today, he is the first full-time Muslim leader, or imam, at Centro Islámico, believed to be the nation’s only Spanish-speaking mosque.

Indyra mendoza article
NPR Latino USA

Lesbian Feminists Challenge Latin America's Political Discourse

Mejía would rather die young than spend a long life hiding her true self. She invites the attention because she knows her message advocating for women and LGBTQIA rights is resonating.

Icepolice article
NPR Latino USA

Immigration Advocates Remain Skeptical About ICE Actions

Immigration advocates across the country expressed concern that the recent arrests of more than 680 people by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is routine business, as the agency has publicly stated.