Christine Bolaños

Christine Bolaños

Independent journalist

Christine Bolaños covers human interest, social & criminal justice, education & business issues for international, national & local outlets. IWMF Fellow-El Salvador. NAHJ Austin VP-Print. Bilingual.

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The Independent Liberty Hill

Giving parents, personal loss drive Jones’ volunteer efforts

On July 12, 2004, the worst event imaginable to a parent happened to Mary Lyn Jones of Liberty Hill.

“My son died in a car wreck and so I was on the other side of a death notification,” she shared.

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The Independent Liberty Hill

Inside Texas’ first underground winery

From that moment winemaking not only became a family tradition but a way of life with the men in the family passing along their knowledge from one generation to the next.

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The Independent Liberty Hill

Bertram PD adds canine to fight narcotics - Liberty Hill Independent

There’s a new canine in Bertram. But he isn’t just any four-legged furry pet commonly referred to as man’s best friend. He is Bock, a lifelong K-9 officer trained to help law enforcement locate drugs in vehicles, buildings, lockers, luggage, open areas and just about anywhere a criminal could hide narcotics.