Christine Bolaños

Christine Bolaños

Independent journalist

Christine Bolaños covers human interest, social & criminal justice, education & business issues for international, national & local outlets. IWMF Fellow-El Salvador. NAHJ Austin VP-Print. Bilingual.

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Nuevo eden before   after article
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Fashion designer never forgets her roots

Raised in the city of Compton, Calif., by immigrant parents who made a living by working in sweatshops, Hernandez never forgot her roots.

Glaudi, and Glaudi Bridal lines offer modern cuts and styles meant to flatter curvy figures and the personality and taste of the individual.

Her line is named after her mother, Gladis Estela Hernandez, and a portion of her proceeds benefit low-income residents of her parents’ native country El Salvador.

Alex and his family article
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Honduran father finds purpose after son’s surgery

When Alex Guerrero laid eyes on his youngest son Cesar for the first time he saw beyond his clef lip and cleft palate and into his beautiful soul. His wife and three other children felt the same way. The Guerreros spent many sleepless nights afraid Cesar would choke to death because of his breathing challenges or because they hadn’t yet figured out how to feed him properly.

Selena tribute article
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Austin-based tribute band honors Selena's memory

Would she have been a mainstream music superstar? How many children would she have? These are two questions the world will never have the answer to as fans remember late Tejano music sensation Selena Quintanilla Perez’s life and legacy.

Melissa hinojosa zamora article
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Advocate helps others find light among darkness

When Melissa Hinojosa-Zamora lost her father as a young child she lost a part of herself in the process. It is a part that she gets closer to recouping after growing to accept that depression is a severe illness that can result in death by suicide.

Lizzie article article
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Spotlight on anti-bullying advocate Lizzie Velasquez

Lizzie Velasquez battles a rare congenital disease that impedes her from accumulating body fat. The condition led to countless doctors’ visits and cyber-bullying to the extreme where one stranger called her “the world’s ugliest woman” on YouTube.

Instead of allowing life’s hurdles to get the best of her she refuses to be a victim and has built a huge following across the world. Via her YouTube channel, Velasquez shares her life with her fans in a raw and inspiring style.

Randy jurado ertll headshot at occidental college.web article
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Salvadoran American Author Give Voice to the Voiceless

California-born author Randy Jurado Ertll was deported to El Salvador, along with his mother, as an infant. At the time, his mother had two choices: leave him behind or take him to Central America with her.

This injustice set the stage for the activist’s lifelong passion of being a voice for the voiceless not only through literature and writing but through activism.