Christine Bolaños

Christine Bolaños

Independent journalist

Christine Bolaños covers human interest, social & criminal justice, education & business issues for numerous international, national & local outlets. IWMF Fellow-El Salvador. NAHJ Austin VP-Print.

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Roar part two photo 1  article

Roar-part two

The continuing story of Betty Roque: "My arrival to this country was an odyssey completely different from what I imagined."

Immigrant report   stock   wall in el salvador   daniel posthuma 255479 article


An inspiring relative sits down with Christine Bolaños to recount her harrowing past in El Salvador and her determination to start anew.

Poderosa culture jeanette nevarez 99 article

Austin's "Poderosas" Mural is an Homage to the Sacrifices and ...

Efre is based on Rosa, a real-life undocumented mother in Austin, and her children Alejandro and Karla. The mural tells Rosa’s story and that of many immigrant mothers in Austin and beyond. It is a symbol and a reminder of the sacrifices these mothers make to give their children a better future, and of their vital role as centers of their communities.

Sb4 article
NPR Latino USA

Amid Lawsuits, Texans Brace for New Era of Immigration Laws - Latino USA

The day after Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a controversial immigration bill into law during an unprecedented Facebook live event Sunday evening, both supporters and opponents of Senate Bill 4 (SB4) have already begun to take the battle to the courts.

Img 0010 article
Latina Style Magazine

Latina Leadership in STEM Careers | LATINA Style Magazine

Latinas in positions of influence in STEM industries are becoming more common with each passing year.

Companies of impact know the importance of hiring employees who bring new ideas and different perspectives to the table. Research shows that companies with more diverse and inclusive staff tend to be more successful. IBM and Westar Energy are two such companies.

Sonia Mezzetta began her career at IBM in 2001 as a software engineer and worked her way up to Data Strategy Consultant and Certified Information Architect. Erica Garcia is an engineer at Westar Energy where she is responsible for effectively and efficiently reducing emissions. Find out what makes these Latinas tick in our latest article.

Imam 1 article
NPR Latino USA

At Houston's Spanish-Speaking Mosque, Latino Imam Reflects on How He Got There

Growing up in a neighborhood where gang violence and crime prevailed, Isa Parada could have ended in prison or dead. Instead he chose to convert to Islam, a decision that tested his family bonds and forever changed his life. Today, he is the first full-time Muslim leader, or imam, at Centro Islámico, believed to be the nation’s only Spanish-speaking mosque.

Mx48fm8rvhaf1760tyxg article

Why Is ICE Arresting So Many People Without Criminal Records In Weird, Liberal Austin?

On the morning of February 9, Juan Martinez got into his car just outside his apartment and prepared to drop off his children at school before heading to his construction job. Then, before his kids came downstairs, immigration agents approached him and asked him for his papers. He’d feared this confrontation for years but managed to avoid it. He figured as long as he paid his taxes and was a good father he could remain under the radar.

Newsengin.18447232 picture 2 article
Austin Statesman

Pflugerville High grad cycling 4,000 miles to fight cancer

Adrian Rios’ life turned upside down when his mother was diagnosed with a non-cancerous but inoperable brain tumor a few years ago.

All seemed hopeless as the tight-knit family of four, whose extended family lives in Puerto Rico, prepared to say goodbye to their matriarch. Then medical staff at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston offered Bruny Rios an experimental surgery that could give her a second lease on life.

Indyra mendoza article
NPR Latino USA

Lesbian Feminists Challenge Latin America's Political Discourse

Mejía would rather die young than spend a long life hiding her true self. She invites the attention because she knows her message advocating for women and LGBTQIA rights is resonating.

Img 1925 article
Orphan Outreach

Ravine Community Program Helps Guatemalans become Better Parents

Located in the central highlands of Guatemala, the city of Chimaltenango serves as a market center and transportation hub for residents of surrounding rural villages. Most people work as farmers, artisans or merchants. Families spend long days and sometimes as many as 14 hours picking up garbage in the trash dump to make just a few dollars a day. Many times young mothers will carry their infant children on their backs all day because they have nowhere to leave them during the day, exposing them to potentially dangerous toxins.

Newsengin.18514802 rgb pfisd hi res logo article
Austin Statesman

Pflugerville ISD school calendar could change under Innovation plan

The first and last days of the school year are among several changes that could occur through the Pflugerville school district becoming a District of Innovation.

Texas police2 by elvert barnes 1170x751 article
The Crime Report

Texas Eyes Sweeping Changes in Police-Community Relations

Next week, Texas legislators will begin examining a package of bills aimed at cooling off the strained relations between cops and civilians, after a year in which the state suffered the deadliest attack on law enforcement in America since 9/11.

17200139 10103325423042453 300498092 o article
Latina Style Magazine

Trailblazers in STEM | Latinas leading the charge

These are the stories of eight Latinas who are making waves in some of the country’s and world’s leading companies, furthering the impact of Latinas in STEM, and paving the way for the next generation of innovative minds who will change the world.

Newsengin.18226781 slide9 teacher salaries article
Austin Statesman

Study: Pflugerville ISD should increase employee pay

The Texas Association of School Boards is recommending the Pflugerville school district pay their teachers and staff more and consider offering greater stipends to special education and bilingual teachers.

Nuevo eden before   after article
Popular Hispanics

Fashion designer never forgets her roots

Raised in the city of Compton, Calif., by immigrant parents who made a living by working in sweatshops, Hernandez never forgot her roots.

Glaudi, and Glaudi Bridal lines offer modern cuts and styles meant to flatter curvy figures and the personality and taste of the individual.

Her line is named after her mother, Gladis Estela Hernandez, and a portion of her proceeds benefit low-income residents of her parents’ native country El Salvador.